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Now we started online healing. Meditation with Master Michael, and after Meditation counseling by Master Michael.  Price is USD 50/Session
When you want to try online healing Please check the following, How to join online healing session


  1. First, our staff would like to ask you about your situation and problems. When you make booking, please kindly write brief information about your problems. Before starting the session with Master Micheal, our staff will make some interview for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Please do not hesitate to talk about your problems as we will not talk about them under maintaining confidentiality.


  2. Mater Micheal will make consultation about your problem for 20 minutes.


  1. Straighten your body and sit comfortably.  Put your hands on the knee. Left hand on the top of right hand. Put your   thumbs together.


  1. Inhale from your nose to your abdomen with 7 counts. Hold your breath for 3 counts. Then exhale your breath with 7 counts. Repeat this for 9 times.


  1. While you are breathing like no.4, close your eyes and make your body and mind relaxed. In your heart you can pray      to the God or anything you believe (Something Great).

    ( Master Micheal will pray and lead universal energy coming to your body)


6.You can open your eyes when we finish.



  • For this session we only accept booking from customers who serious person about online healing and who already got Reiki session with Master Michael before.

  • Because this is remote session through online, we ask you to open your heart and sincerely pray to God. If you still have any sense of doubt or mistrust, energy would not be able to flow into your body.

  • Please kindly make booking only if you’ve decided to release your problem. If you still hold your negative energy like anger or resentment and you would not want to release them, you cannot receive any benefit from the session.

  • When you receive the session please find quiet and comfort place where you don’t have any noise to disturb you.

      Better you find the place you can be alone and focus to the session. Also              please kindly turn off any notification which could be disturb the session.            And  please find the place with good signal so that we can focus the session.

      In the case our connection is not good we will try to connect again to you,          please kindly understand.

  • We use online meeting service called “ZOOM” or “Jitsi Meet”. If you’ve never used ZOOM or Jits Meet before please kindly download the application and make setting. We will send URL/ID, so you can join the session with Master Michael. (Translator could join the meeting for translating)

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