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His name is Jan Nicolas Michael

He was born in a small island called Ambon, Marc Islands, Indonesia,  between Indonesian parents in 1967.


Later, at the age of 14 in 1982, he moved to Jakarta to continue his studies and started his life in Jakarta.


After graduated from school, during working he met a teacher from Taipei, who later gave him a great impact, and received the teachings of reflexology.

His mother also was a famous therapist at the locals so naturally he become conscious of his own value as a therapist. While studied the formation of the human body, he deeply looked into the influence between the physical body and the spirit and so on, found out a unique treatment method, and became a lecturer at Medan in Indonesia in 1995.


Meanwhile, he repeatedly had a dream over Bali. And in 2002 finally he went to Bali and started work at a certain massage shop. Two years later, he met a woman of current business partner. Immediately after that, the matter that the shop he worked closed due to the shopkeeper 's convenience drove him to establish a new shop with her.


Afterwards, he had an opportunity to learn the Reiki technique, which made him the Reiki Master with his born nature up to now.

In 2012, his wedding ceremony with an Indonesian bride was taken up even by a Japanese TV.

Because his treatment influences not only to the physical body but also to the spirit, now he is called a charisma healer of Bali. His treatment has been constantly reserved by people from all over the world.

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