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Private Yoga Lesson by Ketut Kuryamana. able to lesson from beginners to instructors.

Possible to anyone any level. After Yoga able to Reiki Healing or Meditation or both by Mr. Michael also available. Please check Menu of Mr. Michael.

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I Ketut Kuryamana, yoga instructor and therapist,

When he was age of 18, he experienced Kundalini Rising process, which brought him to world famous spiritual teacher, yoga master and healer, Master Ketut Arsana.

Since then he started studying spirituality, meditation, and yoga with Master Ketut Arsana. Also he learned how to heal people with Balinese herbals while he was working in Ashram Munivara, place to learn spiritual practice.

Kuryamana taught Kundalini Tantra Yoga for 3 years in Ashram Munivara. Then now teaches at OM HAM retreat center in Junjungan village.

In 2016 he stared leaning Japanese technique. Special technique to release pain in the body. Still ongoing study but he wish to use his technique and knowledge to make people healthier.

He uses all knowledge of yoga and treatment from Bali and Japan. This make his treatment very special, not elsewhere in the world.

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Kundalini Tantra Yoga is founded by Mr. Ketut Arsana, healer and yoga master in Ubud. Very unique yoga style which mixing many yoga styles like Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga etc. Specifically focus on spine to balance grants and all chakra in the body. With strong breathing technic you can rise your emotion from your abdomen and release them.
Kundalini Tantra Yoga  USD25/Hour  more then 2 people USD20/Hour/Person
Power Body Treatment  USD15/0.5Hour  USD25/Hour  
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